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What can I expect when I come in for an appointment?

We spend a lot of time with our divorce and family law clients, as these situations can be scary and full of emotional angst. We start by getting the full story from you so we can get a good grasp on the facts of your situation. Then, we explain the legal options and strategies available to you as it applies to your case. Next, we will discuss our fees and other costs due. Finally, we will discuss the next steps that need to be taken in your case and how we will communicate with each other throughout the case.


What should I bring to my first appointment?

  • First and foremost, you need to bring any documents that you have been served with or any other documents you believe to be relevant to your case.
  •  Also, please bring a list of questions to ask.


What should I NOT bring to my first appointment?

  • Please do not bring your child(ren) to this appointment.
  •  You are welcome to bring someone for emotional support to our office, but we ask he or she remain in the waiting room during your appointment.
  •  At our initial meeting we will only meet with our prospective client and do not allow other parties to participate in the consultation. We do this because any information that you share with an attorney during the appointment is protected by the attorney-client privilege. What that means is that any information that you provide is held in complete confidence. However, if there is a third-party present, that attorney-client privilege is waived. This means that the extra person could be subpoenaed to court and be required to answer any questions about the conversation you had with an attorney. Therefore, it is never in our client’s best interest for there to be a third-party present during this meeting. While we do not recommend it, if you must tell someone about what we discuss during our meeting, then you may do so after our meeting.
  •  The second reason that we meet with our client alone is that in domestic matters we must know all facts and circumstances in your case. Often times, there may be issues that you do not think are relevant, but during the course of our conversation they become relevant and you may not wish to discuss these in the presence of a third-party.We want to respect the attorney-client privilege and provide for a comforting, open, and honest conversation with you and the attorney.



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Law Office Of Leanne Perez

4600 Touchton Road E Suite #150

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