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Jacksonville Child Custody Attorney

Issues involving time sharing and child support under Florida law are diverse and ever changing. These issues come up in Divorce cases, original suits affecting the parent child relationship, paternity suits, child custody modificationchild custody enforcement suits, and child support modifications. In order to effectively represent our clients and help them make the decisions that are right for themselves and their children, an attorney must be familiar with every aspect of these highly complex areas of Florida Family Law.

In Florida, the courts have moved away from using the terms “custody” and "primary residential or custodial parent." Unlike in the past, neither party will be “awarded custody.” Instead, the courts will assign "parental responsibility" for the children, either shared or sole, and will provide for a time sharing arrangement that meets the best interests of the children. The responsibility for raising a child ends upon the child's 18th birthday or upon graduating from high school - by age 19.

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Jacksonvile Child Custody Lawyer

Do I need a Jacksonville Child Custody Attorney?

It’s hard to know when to involve a qualified child custody lawyer. Even uncontested legal custody can come with legal complications. The decision will often rest upon what’s better for the children involved and whether the parents can afford an attorney. Lack of financial resources is an all too common barrier to getting the legal help parents need, but it doesn’t need to be that way.

In general, some of the specific factors that these judges will take into consideration as they are making decisions regarding child custody include:

  • What the child wants when the child in the case is mature enough to express his wishes
  • The relationships between the parents and whether one parent is more likely to promote a healthy relationship with the other parent
  • Where the child is already established
  • The distance between the parents’ respective residences
  • Any history of mental health issues, criminal activities and/or addiction problems that either parent may have
  • Any history of abuse associated with either parent.






Child Custody and Adoption

When a child is legally adopted, the adopted parent is treated under the law as if he or she were biological parent if couple gets divorced both parties will be entitled under law for child custody.

Estate Planning and Child Custody

In a will or a seprate declaration document a parent may designate an adult the be the guardian of their child in the event they ecome incapacitated or die. this guardian could petition court for custody of child.


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