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Attorney Leanne Perez 


Leanne has over fifteen years of achieving successful outcomes for clients in the areas of family law, bankruptcy, and estate planning.

Through negotiated agreements, mediation and litigation, in each family law case, Leanne creates innovative strategies in dividing marital assets, advising on parenting plans best suited for the client and the client’s family, and spousal and child support. She focuses on each client’s particular needs and on the central issues with a “big-picture” astuteness. With each recommended strategy, she educates her clients about the advantages, disadvantages, and costs involved, enabling her clients to make the best decisions for their post-divorce lives.

Adept at negotiating resolutions as well as aggressively pursuing litigated outcomes, she also handles straightforward family law cases, pre- and post-marital agreements, and marital settlements. Leanne has demonstrated a commitment to fairness and equity, and because of her vast experience she is able to capture the perfect balance of compassionate sensitivity, and the aggressive assertion of a client’s rights.


Leanne also serves as an advisor to clients who are in mediation to settle their divorce, custody, and support matters. She works with her clients to determine the key issues in their dissolution, including division of their marital estate, and custody and timeshare of their children. Leanne’s goal is to help her mediation clients find solutions that meet their needs and the needs of their children, without costly litigation.

For her bankruptcy cases, Leanne prides herself in offering personalized service to her clients. She does not run a bankruptcy mill. Her goal is to serve you, not to minimize her workload. Leanne will answer all of your questions and concerns. You will know what is happening to your case and why. You will be charged a reasonable fee, with no surprises. Leanne will do her very best to help you solve your debt problems. Leanne has over a 99% success rate in obtaining a discharge of debt for her clients.

Leanne is unique in her field, an attorney in Jacksonville who is able to provide legal counsel, representation, and mediation services in English and Spanish in order to better serve her clients.

If you are stressed out from a divorce/custody/spousal or child support matter, you want to talk promptly talk to an actual experienced attorney and get legal advice, rather than reaching someone's voice mail. Leanne does not use a secretary to screen her calls. If you call her, you will reach her. She usually return calls, emails, and texts within a few hours.

When not practicing law, Leanne enjoys spending time with her family and two spoiled dogs and staying active in the outdoors.


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