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Flat Fee Attorney in Jacksonville

Flat Fees - No Hourly Fees - No Retainers

Attorneys have a number of different ways they can charge clients for legal representation and legal services. Under the traditional hourly billing model, a family law attorney, for example, collects an initial retainer or security deposit generally around $2,500 and up – and then bills against that retainer for every hour or fraction thereof of work performed. Then, after 10-12 hours when the funds have run out, the attorney will demand to collect an additional retainer from the client. This cycle repeats until the case is complete, typically some $10,000 to $30,000 (or more) later. Under this model, it is impossible to know in advance how much the case will cost.

Many family law clients are worried about their legal fees, and often lie awake at night wondering how much their next bill will be, or how much that letter, phone call or email will cost. Flat-fee pricing eliminates the uncertainty from the process, and gives clients the ability to know up front what their case is going to cost.

In today's economic climate and in order to make the necessary financial arrangements, it's important for people to know what their legal matter is going to cost them. Attorney Leanne Perez only uses flat-fee pricing with all of her clients so they know what their bill will be before the legal work commences. 

Sometimes Attorney Leanne Perez gets asked for a quote before a consultation, but that’s like asking for a diagnosis before an examination. “How much will my case cost?” The answer is always “It will depend on you and your ex and how much you each want to fight.” With the Flat Fee option, the price you are quoted at the end of your consultation is the price you pay. This provides certainty for our clients, knowing exactly how much their divorce will cost.

Benefits of Flat Fee Pricing

Flat-fee pricing can provide peace of mind and has the following advantages over traditional hourly billing:

  • It offers the client the predictability of knowing in advance how much their legal services will cost without having to worry about the expense of each call, letter or email. This helps to keep the focus on the case and not on billing matters.
  • It gives the client the assurance of knowing that everything necessary will be done to move their case forward efficiently without the stress of wondering how much their legal bill will be each month.
  • It assures the client that the attorney is not doing unnecessary work or otherwise trying to maximize their legal fees but instead, is efficiently managing their case. The lawyer's advancement of the case is based on skills and results, not hours.
  • This assumes, of course that the client’s version of the case is accurate, the client’s cooperation, and that the case takes the anticipated path. 
  • It ensures that the lawyer is being honest upfront with regards to costs and allows for budget planning for both the attorney and the  client.
  • There may be aspects of a client's case which are unexpected. However, even then, Attorney Leanne Perez will quote the client a flat, fixed fee for any additional work that needs to be performed.


Flat-fee pricing represents a substantial value for clients, and simplifies the process for both attorney and client. But it is important for clients to understand the limitations of flat-fee pricing ahead of time to avoid confusion and misunderstanding (such as additional costs for additional services not initially contemplated). The comprehensive fee agreement fully explains what is and what is not covered and any additional work is still done on a flat-fee basis only after agreed upon by the client.

If you are concerned about your own legal fees in a family law matter, consider the flat, fixed-fee model for your case. This will challenge you and your attorney to do everything possible to settle the case. But it is important that you weigh your options and consider whether you prefer the tried-and-true approach of hourly billing or the certainty and simplicity of flat-fee services.


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