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Divorce Attorney in Jacksonville

making the decision to move forward with a divorce is not easy. Let us help you.

Divorce is difficult for everyone involved, but having an experienced and efficient attorney can make the legal aspect of the matter much easier. Jacksonville Divorce Lawyer, Leanne Perez is a Florida Family Law Lawyer who is capable, professional and ethical. While keeping her clients abreast of their rights and entitlements, she does not waste time in court making expensive motions or unreasonable demands. Quick and fair resolution of her clients' situations is foremost in her mind.

Attorney Leanne Perez works with men and women at any stage of the divorce process. For example, she offers assistance and representation if you have just filed your case and would like to request a temporary order or if your divorce is already finalized and you need assistance in modifying or executing a judgment. Attorney Leanne Perez takes care of everything related to divorce, including:

  • Helping to resolve disputes between parents having to do with parental responsibility and time sharing
  • Helping to establish or maintain the rights of parents
  • Negotiate child support and spousal support payments
  • Negotiate the division of assets and debts
  • Prepare agreements to resolve the pending issues in an amicable manner between the parties to be approved by the court

To get a divorce in Florida, you must have one of the following grounds (reasons):

  • The marriage is “irretrievably broken” (can not be fixed) or
  • One of the parties has been declared mentally incapacitated by a judge at least 3 years before filing for divorce.

Types of Divorce in Florida


Uncontested divorce is a much more agile and less contentious type of divorce that is being used more frequently in these changing times and what many couples are looking for. What is required for this type of divorce? A fundamental requirement is that the two partners agree to divorce and there is consensus in all decisions made during the process.

If there are minor children or marital assets and/or debts, these terms are memorialized in a written agreement (also known as a settlement agreement) signed by both parties that will set the guidelines that the couple should follow once the divorce is finalized. Said agreement will also establish a time-sharing schedule for the minor children and also the amount of support if the Florida Child Support Guidelines indicate that an amount must be paid by one of the parents. In addition, the parties will have to distribute the marital property and debts. For this agreement to be valid, the party who filed the case will have to go to a brief hearing so that the judge can ratify the agreement and grant the couple. The parties retain control over the outcome of their case rather than giving full control of their case to a judge.

If the couple DOES NOT have minor children or property or debt in common, a written agreement is not required.

An uncontested divorce can be finalized in less than two months from the day the case is filed with the court (depending on the judge's hearing schedule). This type of divorce is less stressful, consumes less time than a contested divorce, and less costly.

Do you want more information about this type of divorce? Do you want to know more about all its characteristics? Just contact Attorney Leanne Perez to resolve all your questions. Attorney Perez will help you through this process and assit you in making the best decisions for the whole family and especially for the children. Attorney Leanne Perez works in Jacksonville and is an experienced attorney in the area of family law. Do not hesitate in contacting Attorney Leanne Perez through her website or by telephone at (904) 990-3066.


A contested divorce is for parties who can not reach an agreement in their case and require a judge to decide for them the terms of their divorce. The judge reviews the evidence and hears the arguments of the lawyers, and makes a final decision on the division of property, child support payments and child custody issues. Contested divorces are more stressful, take longer to complete, and are much more expensive than uncontested divorces.

If you are unable to reach an agreement with your spouse about the terms of the divorce, Attorney Leanne Perez will advise you on all the steps you must take and will work hard to defend your interests so that the judge can make a ruling that benefits you and your children. She will advocate on your behalf regarding the appropriate time sharing schedule that should be established for the minor children with their parents. It will also be necessary to decide how the marital assets are liquidated and distributed, if alimony is to be paid or to be received, and the amount of child support if the Florida Child Support Guidelines indicate that an amount must be established.

A divorce petition will be presented to the judge and the latter will make the final decision in the case, which must be complied with. Attorney Perez will be at your disposal to prepare all of the necessary documentation to be filed with the Court, defend you and be with you at all court proceedings. You should know that a contested divorce is more costly in both time and money, compared to an uncontested divorce.

Whether your divorce case is contested or uncontested, it is important to hire an experienced attorney who can ensure that all legal requirements are met, that your rights are protected, and that any agreement you sign is fair for all involved.

Attorney Leanne Perez can assist you in taking the next step by:

  • Finding the quickest and most efficient method possible to resolve your divorce case
  • Provide clear and concise comunication throughout the entire divorce process
  • More than 15 years of experience
  • Offering flat fee billing - No hourly billing
  • Offering free initial consultations
  • Offering personalized service and attention
  • Providing flexible payment plans
  • Se habla español 

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If you are contemplating filing for divorce or your spouse has already filed for divorce, call today to speak with Attorney Leanne Perez. She is a skilled attorney with experience in all types of divorce cases. Her vast experience allows her to cater her services to each client’s specific situation and deliver top-notch legal representation. Whether a couple mutually agrees to the terms of a divorce or are engaged in a fierce battle for their property and child custody rights, Attorney Leanne Perez can help. Call today at (904) 990-3066 or fill out the contact form on our website for more information

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